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Here you'll find a variety of short films made by Ben Worsfield and William Thomas. Most are comedy, some are horror, lots were made for competitions, the remainder just for fun. A few look quite nice, others were made at University when we should have been asleep.

There's also a few links to our radio days at Warwick University, if you prefer. Or not. It's just so up to you.

Jedi County Council

In 2011, over 300,000 Britons recorded their religion as 'Jedi' on the national census. In 2012, 'Jedi' was declared an official religion.

Melvyn Williams used to work in traffic planning at Kent County Council, and has just been appointed Kent's new Jedi Trainer.

He thought this was a kind of shoe.

His first student, Denis Large, arrives today...

Nominated for best film and best audience vote film, best screenplay and Ben Worsfield for best actor in the 2 Days Laughter short film competition 2012.

Denis: William Thomas
Melvyn: Ben Worsfield
Camera and sound: Ben Borowiecki and Tom Walters
Written by Ben Worsfield and William Thomas
Effects and editing: Ben Worsfield


A full length cut of Charcoal, a horror short originally made for the 2 Days Laughter Short Film Competition 2011. Turn the lights off and the sound up and enjoy!

When failed artist Toby discovers a batch of handmade charcoal sticks in the abandoned workshop beneath his great-grandfather's house, his passion for art is re-ignited. But a terrible secret from the ashes of the past threatens to engulf his life in flames.

Made for the 2 Days Later Short film competition 2011, Charcoal was nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Screenplay, Best Film and Best Film in the audience vote category.

Kent: A Brief History

Winner of the audience voted Best Popular Film award in the 2 Days Laughter 48 hour short comedy film competition 2011. William Thomas was also nominated for best actor.

Join Professor Harvard Potatoshoe and Dr. Barry Spatial-Awareness on a journey through Kent. Joined by literally four of Kent's most famous inhabitants, they dig around the garden of England, unearthing secrets, discovering its roots and chatting to pansies.

The Which Film Project (Or 'Cliche Slasher') [WT]

Nominated for Best Screenplay at the 2 Days Laughter 48 hour short comedy film competition.

Ben Worsfield and William Thomas, the producers who brought you Crimson Footstools, Return to the A24 and Delia: The Movie lock themselves in the office with 16 gallons of Red Bull. Their plan: to win the 2 Days Laughter Short Comedy Film Competition 2010 with something no-one will expect  a horror film, 110% free of clichés.

At least 2 of the following items had to be included:

The phrase: Well I didnt think that would happen!

Margate (or any coastal town)

An Animal Costume

A Current Political Event

A Bicycle

A Piece of Fruit

The Lincolnshire Poacher

An abandoned farm. A lost girl flees for her life. But not for long. The Poacher has set his trap; time is running out. In a wilderness of twisted metal, rotting architecture and pounding rain, the girl must escape this nightmare. But the snare is getting tighter all the time...

Made by myself and William Thomas, this horror short was entered in the 2 Days Later short film competition (https://www.2dayslater.co.uk/) - having been shortlisted, it went on to be nominated for Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Rachel Button was nominated for Best actress.

The Lincolnshire Poacher also went on to win 'Best Film' in Kent College & Pembury's short film competition 'Big Shorts': https://www.kent-college.co.uk/senior/?c=100505

Where Do You Think You Live?

This film was shortlisted for the '2 Days Laughter' short comedy film competition 2009 - nominated for the Audience Vote Award, and, bizzarely, Ben Worsfield was nominated for Best Actor.

Everyone has had an intimate experience with a house, but how much do we really know about their shady histories? This week Ben Worsfield meets William Thomas to destabilise the very foundations of everything he thought he knew about his home.